It is the policy of the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission (WMSC) to provide access for individuals with disabilities and those with limited English skills to our meetings and publications. The WMSC will provide reasonable accommodations upon request and with reasonable advance notice. These accommodations may include translation services, modifications, or adjustments to a publication or activity to enable an individual with a disability or someone who does not speak English to participate. Examples include: 

  • Providing sign language interpreters or other language interpretation services. The WMSC will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for such services.
  • Providing meeting materials in alternative formats (such as translated materials in languages other than English, large print or electronic copies);
  • Providing tables that are suitable for people using electric wheelchairs; or.
  • Alerting security staff that persons with disabilities will need assistance to the meeting room;


Translation services in sign language and languages other than English are available upon request with reasonable advance notice for meetings that are open to the public. Other accommodations, such as special seating requirements, can also be arranged. Please allow up to seven business days to process such a request. The WMSC will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests. This assumes that the WMSC is given adequate time to secure those services and that services in a particular language are available within the requested time period. 


All WMSC publications are made available on the WMSC’s public website. Alternative formats of publications, including translated documents, can be made available upon request.